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Está muy de moda el aprender a soltar, pero se nos olvida el sostener, reparar, cuidar, amar y no salir huyendo cuando se complica.  Esta canción es un tributo a el poder que nace por amar sin poseer.  Acompañar sin invadir, vivir sin depender.



How often do we hear the phrase, just let it go!  It is part of our everyday lingo.  However, we can’t forget to provide support, repair, sustenance  and love for those important to us.  We can’t just throw in the towel when things get a little tough.

This song speaks to the triumph of selfless love, of accepting to be together without being bound.






Music - Almas Band & G. Velasco 

Orchestra Arrangement: Dave Marrero & Freddy Sheinfeld



Jose Colón - Bass & Vox

Jorge Colón - Guitars & Vox

Gabriel Velasco - Drums  

Dave Marrero  - Percussion 

Freddy Sheinfeld - Keys (Orchestra Instruments)


Mixed: Dave Marrero (oXLab) 


Mastered by: Bruce Barielle


Click YouTube Video to listen. Animation by Nelson Camacho 

Siempre Viva

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