Almas Band classic first album titled Semilla won over the heart of many, establishing a solid fan base and considered a classic among fans to this day. Semilla is the band’s mission statement, featuring 13 timeless tracks reflecting the band’s gumbo of musical influences.


Featuring catchy salsa hooks on “Sola”, moving ballads like “Michelle” and “Suddenly”, shimmering Latin dream pop on “Presente”, “Mamae”, and “Semilla”, and reggae-tinged jams like “Buen Camino” and “In I Stand”, the album plays like a roadmap to the sonic journeys the band would follow on its musical journey.


Track List:

1.  Buen Camino 

2.  Sola

3.  Suddenly 

4.  Mamae

5.  Defineme el Tiempo

6.  Presente

7.  Cada Día

8.  La Marea

9.  Michelle

10.  In "I" Stand

11.  Semilla

Bonus Tracks

12.  Bohemia 

13.  Sola (spanglish)

Semilla - Physical Disc



    Almas Band was born in New Orleans in 1999. To serve society as citizens of the world by creating music that promotes diversity and that appeals to multiple generations. Funk Defender puts the New Orleans influence on Almas Band's sound front and center to create a sexy, funky, invigorating listen. Filtering the spirit of the Caribbean through the sounds of New Orleans.

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