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Almas Band returns with their fourth album, Funk Defender, putting the New Orleans influence on Almas Band's sound front and center to create a sexy, funky, invigorating listen; filtering the spirit of the Caribbean through the sounds of New Orleans in a way they've never done over the course of a full album.


Track List:

1.  Fonka Tonka

2.  1816 Hastings Place

3.  Hi U Doin

4.  Quiero ser tu viejito

5.  Warning you may have a baby

6.  Yeah U Right

7.  In D Shed

8.  Two Point "O"


9.  1816 Hastings Place (feat. Know One)

10.  In D Shed (feat. Medina Carrion)

11.  Two Point "O" (feat. Koan)

Funk Defender - Physical Disc

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