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The third album by Almas Band sees them exploring the way we journey through life, through better or worse. It is their most introspective work yet, without losing their ear for a perfect harmony and a solid tune.


The CD represents the concept of dualism, Yin and Yang. Each of the twin brothers represents energy, one in the form of light and the other in the power of darkness. Jose is sharing some of the joy experienced during select highlights of his life, while Jorge is exposing energy forced to the surface when dealing with the occasional darker challenges that arise.


Track List (LUZ):

1.  Sigue Sonriendo

2.  Sueño de ser un Instante

3.  Deja que te cuente

4.  Estela

5.  Mar y Tierra

6.  Daydreamer

7.  Versátil

8.  Entre luz y sombra (versión acústica)


Track List (SOMBRA):

1.  Inocente

2.  Reloj

3.  Entre luz y sombra

4.  Entrelíneas

5.  Mataste el paraiso

6.  Supera aquello

7.  Control sobre mi 

8.  Propio camino 

Entre Luz y Sombra - Digital Album

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