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ALMAS BAND come back strong with their second album, Audiotour. Jose and Jorge Colón, once again bring their own blend of reggae-funk sounds, this time with added dub production values. The organic recording of these eleven new tracks effectively captures the energy of their live performances. The result is a coherent mood that works best when listened to as an album, yet the songs also stand up on their own. Lead singles "C-alma" and "Funk Defender" are immediately infectuous, while "Downtown to Frenchmen St." takes it back to New Orleans where the band developed their groove. "Fane Song" and "1000" are pure rhythms with a new urban edge, while "Todos Para Uno" and "De Mel" showcase the harmonies that made their first album "Semilla" so addictive. The songs are all embedded in a richly produced tapestry of sounds. Jose and Jorge's irresistible chemistry and increasingly reflective lyrics show a band evolving sonically and personally. Good times and good vibes are what you can expect from Almas Band.

Track List:

  1. Fane Song (Te La Regalo Cielo)
  2. Koquiri Village
  3. C-alma
  4. Dub
  5. Todos Pa Uno
  6. Dwotown to Frenchmen St,
  7. 1000
  8. Funk Defender
  9. Guerrero
  10. De Mel
  11. Song Of Yoga

Audiotour - Physical Disc

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